“Give us that sexy tree look”

Today dear friends I’ve been hugging trees. Knee still sore so no riding today either. Instead I’ve been watching Scotty Green get a sick shot for Double Up’s catalogue 2013. Let’s just say we had to put 3 ropes together behind the boat (making the rope about 150 feet) to get it. And back to the hugging tree part. Apparently we needed a shot of me hugging a tree too so I’ve been doing it, sticking to only one tree, and trying to do what they boys wanted me to do (all clothes still on) in front of the camera. With comments like “pretend like you’re lost in the woods and someone’s calling out your name” and “Give us that sexy tree look” I’ve been laughing and making out with my dear tree. Lot’s of fun and now pasta for dinner. And yeah, of course we had some birds come and visit here as well. (:

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