Going crazzzy!

So, I’m so damn close on landing two new tricks. SO CLOSE!! But no..

Had a really nice set with Billy today. It felt good to ride without being stressed (which I’ve been a lot lately) and even though it was pretty windy, I almost landed some stuff. Did I mention I was close?

First time in ages I had to wear a wet suit…

I felt obligated to ride without shorts today, so I did…

I had a great talk with Mandy and Brandon after dinner. I was feeling a mixture of homesickness, frustration and just regular sickness for having too many chocolate chip cookies but talking about stuff really helped. You guys are awesome, I’m so happy you are at the camp! I have so much on my mind right now that it’s hard to just appreciate the sun, my sweet friends and focus on my riding. Hopefully a good nights sleep will do me good so, gdnight world!

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  1. Jag är stolt över dig, du är SÅ duktig. Du kommer att sätta tricken och du kommer att greja allt det andra också. Kram pappa

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