The waves here in France has been pretty small. Around 1 -3 feet  but we’ve been having so much fun on them anyways. I’m staying in one of Xtravel’s surf houses about 5 minutes to walk to the beach. The house is packed with really cool people who are all crazy about surfing! Amongst others I’ve met the Swedish World Champion in Freeskiing, Christin Hargin.

Even though I’m not the strongest surfer I don’t feel out of place in this group filled with really good surfers. They are all helping me to get better but calling out “this one’s yours Carro, go go go!!!”. It’s exactly the break I needed from being in Spain. Surfing in so exhausting though so I’m eating like a horse and sleeping like a baby. I love feeling this way and I wish there was somewhere in the world I could both surf and wakeboard.. Oh wait, there is and I’m going there next season 😉


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