I caught my first big wave!!

Today was great again! I don’t know if I’ve told you guys that before this trip I kind of didn’t know how to surf. The coaches here really help out a lot! Yesterday I surfed mostly the foamy parts of the waves, after they’ve already broken to learn how to get up but today I started surfing green waves (before they turn white). I have some use for my wakeboarding muscles since it’s a lot of work and sometimes you really feel like you’re pursuing a war with the ocean. Anyways, my coach Taha thought it was time for me to learn how to turn and lucky for me he decided to surf when I was out there so I got some special coaching one to one. It was hard though cause he kept telling me “Paddle out!” and “This wave, paddle paddle!!” until I had no strength left but I caught some great one’s and learned to turn my board. I love this place! (:

Some of my friends surfed in the evening today too but the waves had died town so I’m saving my strength for tomorrow. 

Hung out with a camel on the beach
He wanted to eat me… 

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  1. Hii.. 🙂
    I’m Carol, I’m from Brazil and I was surfing in the Internet when I saw your post about your experience surfing which I think is great.
    I surfed today and I Caught some good ones, this is my favorite sport.
    I hope you keep going. 🙂

    Good Luck!!!

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