I love wakeboarding

Wow, it feels like it’s monday now since I had so many days off in a row. We drove up to the Murray river, crammed into Brants car and all super stoked on monday. In the car we decided to play the game of life, which means that whenever somebody says the words “mine” or “ten” you have to drop on the spot and do 10 pushups. I feel a lot stronger now after this trip, being framed with phrases like “whose is this?” “umm, it’s MINE”. And then nailing yourself with “aaah you have to do ten pushups!.. NOOO!!!!”.

Anyways we got to Lawrence’s parents house and saw the beautiful X2 shimmer in the sun (oh yeahh). After a couple of minutes we were riding on the river and it was sickk! After 2 sets we went back and hit up the barbecue and chilled out for a couple of hours. The others we’re sleeping in tents but I decided to stay under the stars. So did Mitch but he didn’t know that you’re supposed to tighten your sleeping bag so that no bugs can get you (thanks for that my brother). Result: I had an amazing sleep where I woke up during the sunrise and saw a postcard picture forever imprinted in my head, Mitch didn’t sleep at all since he was too busy getting rid of the mosquitos.

Yesterday we rode all day as well, and got super sunburned. It was great too except for the fact that when I was trying the new trick of mine, I decided to introduce my knee to my chin and knocked a couple of chips out of my teeth. I was so close though!!! The others tried some tantrum-tuesday and toeside-5-tuesday (they said that it’s cause my trick doesn’t start with a T that made me fall).

In the car on the way home I fell asleep like 10 times (pushups) but we still managed some awesome road-trip discussions which I will not develop more than that. I was craving a mcflurry since it’s now a tradition but we didn’t see a maccers til almost back home. And that’s when someone said “So, should we stop at this Maccers?” and Matty answered “McF*ckyeah!”.

See mom, it’s not bad, my teeth are still there! (:


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