In Melbourne

Hey guys, sorry for my absence. Jet-lag’s a bitch!

To summarize my trip cause it would take to long to wright about my 30 hours from Stockholm to Aussie:

  • Tried to get my board on the plane for free. and failed.
  • Slept 2 hours to Brussels
  • Had a Starbucks white chocolate mocha
  • Watched the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the next flight to Abu Dhabi
  • Ate a whole bag of KitKat
  • Watched the Harry Potter movie, one episode of Lie to Me, one episode of Cougar Town and 6 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Switched to my last plane to Melbourne
  • Played snake on my computer
  • Slept for 9 hours straight. (I’m a pro)
  • Tried to regain movement of my legs.
  • Looked in my bag for more KitKat
  • Discovered that I’d stolen the old man’s pillow who sat next to me and that it was the reason why I’d slept so good.
  • Found a tooth bush and tooth paste in my seat pocket
  • Got mad at myself for not finding this earlier
  • Brushed my teeth for 7 minutes
  • Fell asleep
  • Woke up by an air hostess telling me to “put my seat in an upright position”


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