Jeremia in the Semi-finals!

He had a sick ride with Whirly, ts 5, tantrum to blind and eventually fell on a crowmobe. This means that he got 2nd in his heat and goes through to the Semi-finals!

Ken didn’t have his best run but still ended up on a 3rd place in his heat in Open men. Unfortunately only the top 2 went on to the semi’s so he has to ride his LCQ tomorrow.

Mattias got both his heel 7 and his big worm but the judges still placed him on a 4th place in his heat. We are a bit unsure about that decision but there’s not much we can do about it. He has to show them in the LCQ as well.

Mickan is one category for herself. With the chance of sounding cheesy I feel proud every time she rides and kills the competition. With several shuvs in her run she won her heat and went through to the finals!

Ted sucks (but i still love him)

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