KGB results

Crassshhh. Haha both me and DC crashed a lot yesterday so no-one won the contest. I did however have the best set I’ve had since I came out here and landed almost everything I’ve ever done on a wakeboard. With the 220 (boat) full of cool people and a great stoke level it’s hard not to ride good. After a whole day in the boat, coaching the girls and riding though I was exhausted. I feel just like a kid whenever my energy level is low from lack of food or sleep. Last night it was food so I snapped at the rest of the staff here at Xtreme Gene and almost fell asleep on the couch. Lucky for me they are awesome so they took me to a great ice cream place and then I felt a little bit better. I came back and fell sleep in my clothes and just woke up still wearing them. Today is a new day but I think it’s a rest day for me.

xx Carro

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