Love boarding!

I can’t stop riding! Having so much fun with Dylan, DC, Andres and Becky here and Ride every day! I’ve ridden so much my blisters on my heels has turned into bleeding wounds so today I’m planning on letting my body rest. It’s hard with the perfect conditions and the progression of my riding though!

Right now we have a bunch of German kids at the camp and wow are they progressing. Even though I don’t speak a word of German and they speak very little english one of the guys tried his first tantrums (back flip) a few days ago. Yesterday, he landed it and this is a 10 year old with no fear. They are so cool in the boat cheering for each other and riding with big smiles on their faces. I love having them out even though my coaching with them consists mostly of sign language. The new wakeboard generation will be crazy, there’s no saying how far they will go!

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