What goes around comes around. That’s how I like to live my life and not just when it comes to how you treat other people but how you treat the world you live in. If you’re good to life, life will be good to you. Whenever I rush through things without listening to my surrounding and my selft life usually f**ks me right back. I’ll run like a race horse to get on the bus just to watch it drive away, I’ll pour a bowl of cereal just to notice its only 2 drops of milk left in the carton and I’ll go out riding just to notice my boots break after like 30 seconds. (You get the picture) Ever since I started paying attention to what goes on around me I feel like these things are connected. That’s why I feel like the universe is looking after me since it’s now been super windy for 3 days and I’ve stayed off the water for all 3 of them. My foot now feels a lot better along with my knees and hips. Lots of stretching, pasta and rest seems to have done the trick. Now I’m just waiting on my new Double Up bindings from Froggy to make it here and I’m ready to charge it again! Some people tell me that what I think about all this is stupid and that there’s no way it’s connected. And like when Johnsie back in Australia got surprised that I didn’t mind driving him to the airport, “Damn Carro I love your karma stuff!”.
Maybe if you stop and think about it, you will notice these things too. Everything happen for a reason and even though you could walk around and be angry at whatever isn’t going your way, think about that it might have saved you from something else.

Thanks universe for not making the weather behave like it normaly does! (:

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