Woke up this morning after another night out with Trudi. What was supposed to be “One beer with her classmates” turned out to be a LOT of beers and dancing until the bar closed. Anyways, got up and packed the rest of my stuff before getting a ride from my dad to the air-port. Got on the plane without really knowing what was going to happen once I got to Agadir, Morocco since I hadn’t spoken to the guys from the travel agency in a while. But it worked out great, got picked up with some other surfer peeps from Norway and Sweden and we went to the camp which seems great. The mosque outside my window just called out for another praying time and one of the guides told me that the first one starts at 5 am so should be great! Although I’m so tired now that I think I could sleep through anything.  We are waiting for the guys and dudettes from Lunds Extremportssällskap to get here and then we’re getting briefed on what the deal is for the next couple of days. And we’re getting food! (I feel like my stomach has disappeared and been replaced  by Sherikaan from the jungle book)

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