Psycho 2!!

Aahh! Just got some pictures of my new wet-suit in my inbox! It’s hard to imagine needing to wear one when it’s this warm but I guess things aren’t as good in Sweden. I’ll prob want to wear this one anyways just cause it looks sooo good! Thank you, thank you O’Neill and Froggy! (:

I just came back from a sweet set with Brandon where I worked on some landings and tried the Melissa, really liked that board on the water too! It’s so light and.. eeh, well.. it’s pretty 😉

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  1. Ååååh, sååå avundsjuk!
    Jag försöker få en psycho 2 med. Men jag vet inte om dom hittar nån i min storlek!

    Är den special beställd!
    Sjukt snygg i alla fall!

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