Riding in the storm

So windy today so my plans on trying new tricks went out the window. I went down to the center pretty early to hang out with Mitch and the boys from the Navy who today had an event where a lot of kids who, amongst other things, were survivors of cancer tried wakeboarding. It was cool to just hang out in the good spirit of everyone even though the wind was so strong. At least the sun was out and the stoke on the water was sweet! I went out to go for a “show” set and couldnt do too much more than a couple of inverts but it was fun having lots of kids in the boat getting pumped on wakeboarding. Some of the navy guys, Mitch, Mike and I went for a little sesh afterwords as well but it turned into some surfing cause of the whitecaps. We finished by having dinner at the pub, good friday! (:

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