So much for no heavy lifting..

Had the worst check in of all time. I tried to place my boardbag strategically partly on the top of my backpack to make it lighter. It looked like it was working but then my backback fell! Increasing the weight on my bag from 23 to 30 kg and giving me problems. I had to repack 3 times, throwing some stuff away and loading my poor little back pack. Anyways, this is the result. I barely got through security cause I took my ropes in my hand luggage (I’m stupid) and apparently they can be used as deadly weapons but with a little tear and puppy eyes they let me through. Now I’m in Abu Dhabi after a 13 hour flight. Only 2 more flights to go and then I’ll be HOME!

The doctors said no heavy lifting after surgery, but I love my stuff.. 😉

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