Some interesting points

Couch-surfing really takes some skill. There’s a lot of things to think about, for example when you should shower (which couch has the cleanest bathroom), when/what to eat (got to be cheap), how to get into the house without owning a key etc. There fore I want to share some tips that I’ve discovered.

First of all: Everything is always cleaner at a girl’s house so chose your showers wisely

Second: It’s pretty hard to find cheap/free food if your a vegetarian so we’ve started to survive on Cliff-bars which are crazy good organic powebars, hold any temperature and provide both protein and energy. They’re like one dollar each and you stay full for a LONG time (aaand they’re chocolate chip flavored). Perfect!

Third: Make sure you hide your girlie stuff like lotion, hairbrushes, soap etc. if you don’t want the rest of the dudes using it.

Forth: Look for fun stuff to play with in people’s garages. You can find great stuff like we found these awesome roller skates at the Jessamine house!

So yeah, find a couch near you and start surfing!

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