Started my morning with some yoga at a new studio today. I do like to practice yoga on my own but it’s completely different when you’re in a studio. The 70 minutes flew by with the sweat dripping but by the end of it I just wanted more. A sushi for lunch and some catching up with friends and family makes my day complete. I’m actually enjoying being off the water for a bit, sometimes when you look at things too closely you get caught up in the situation so it really helps to get a fresh angle on everything. (I know could I be anymore vague 😉 ).
Anyways, Sweden is really cold at the moment and I’m using all my O’Neill winter gear to stay warm. It’s kind of pretty too, I took a walk with Trudi yesterday by the lake close to my house and made cinnamon buns since my fall mood is starting to appear. The few hours of sunlight makes me want to be out in them and use my time as well as I can. The dark nights makes me wanna light candles and drink tea. I’m listening to the live broadcast from cable worlds a lot. Soo proud of Judith Hoppe who came 4th in her first ever worlds in the girls category!! The rest of the team is doing great as well and I love the updates they are throwing up on facebook. If you wanna stay updated you should like Wakekommittens facebookpage.

Off to have dinner with my sisters!! So excited! (:


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