Team Trip

So the photo shoot trip continues. We’ve driven from Melbourne through lake Eildon, Sydney and Byron Bay up to Bli Bli on the sunny coast. Getting up at 6 am every morning to use the good light to do photos and riding A LOT. My ankle is still pretty sore but with a lot of tape and stretching I’ve actually managed to ride again! So happy to be back on a board! The next few days we will spend at Bli Bli finishing up the shots and filming before doing the 20 hour drive back to Mellie. Luckily we have surf boards on the roof so we’ll be stopping for some surf breaks (:

I can’t show you any of the photo’s we’ve taken since we are riding the 2014 boards for the catalogue and they are super secret but I’m loving the new Blanc Fi on the cable! Maybe if I ask really nicely I can show you some photos by the end of the trip. Don’t forget to like Double Ups Facebook Page here: LINK

There’s a quick update for yah, speak more soon!



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  1. Du kan rita över brädorna i paint;) hihi
    Ser ut som du har det underbart! Hälsa DC och njut av solen för mig med! Puss och kram

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