The best time of the season

At the end of the season like this I love having absolutely no pressure and just riding for fun. The air here in Spain has cooled down to a comfortable 25 degrees and the water is still warm. It actually reminds me of Swedish summer a lot. We’ve been enjoying the last few weeks where we won’t be needing wetsuits and riding with D behind the 220 without any pressure on has made me stoked to try a bunch of new tricks and successfully sticking some! It’s such a great rush to land a new trick that it keeps me happy for the rest of the day (: I do have a lot on my mind lately with where to spend my off-season amongst other things. I do feel how it’s effecting me on the water too so I was considering taking a break from training for a while and clear my thoughts. There is something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since leaving Bali after the World Cup stop in May: Surfing. Almost as soon as I thought this my friends over at Xtravel messaged me and asked if I wanted to join them in Hossegor in France in about a week. Super excited I booked my tickets and I can’t wait for four days of surfing and watching the Pro surfers compete in the Quicksilver Pro. After this I will head home for a few days too before spending the last few weeks of the season back at Xtreme.

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