The days after

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I loved every minute of my two-days-christmas-awesomeness! Things feel really weird now that it’s over since I’ve been looking forwards to it ever since I decided to stay at home for the holidays. I just got a christmas present from my surrogate family down in Melbourne as well, it made me soo happy thanks guys!! (:

I had a sick girls night out with one of my closest friends Jessica and her friends from school. It ended with a lovely headache the next day and a pretty sore bank account but it was pretty sweet. Now I am sorting everythings for my trips, I can’t believe I’m leaving soon! On tuesday I leave for New Years in Belfast and spending some time with D before heading to Bali and Thailand. I got my VISA approved yesterday so I can really feel things getting closer!

Just found this funny picture from christmas day by Betsafe. Looks like me and Jens are the angry ones… 😉

Love !


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