Things on my mind


How much is too much coffee?

Ankle Rehab

Competitions this summer, the E&A’s  Championships are apparently in Poland at the same time as Chill N ride in Germany.. :/

Plans for this winter, so many places I’d like to go

How to get other chick riders our here to ride with me! Come on Loes and Robbie, I miss you guys!

Photos and Filming for upcoming projects, exciting!

Reaching one of my goals yesterday, just a small one but for me, it felt massive!

How long my hair is getting

My family, I miss you guys so much… Especially my nephew Lion who I haven’t even had time to see more than a few hours

Flight tickets, I need to buy them

Mexico, I wanna go there

Gumball – that sh*t cray!

That’s pretty much it for now (: xxxx

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