“This time, I’m gonna be stronger I’m not not givin’ in”

What motivates you? For me this little injury and break in my riding is giving me so much perspective and so much time to think. I keep asking myself different questions. Questions like What are your goals? Who are you doing this for? How bad do you want it? It’s so easy to run though our days without stopping and thinking about what we are actually doing. What is really important to us and what do we want to change? Are we chasing all the wrong things instead of spending our time on what is really important? For me this injury has been a hell but also somewhere in it there is a small piece of chocolate. Few things will get you as motivated as an injury does. I have so much time now to think about what I want to do, where I wanna be and how I’m going to get there. But also time to sort out the things that doesn’t really matter.

Hope, is hopeless. YOU control your future ♥

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