This week-end

Last night, I went over to Katie’s house and spent some hours on the hot tub along with Emely, Katie, Nicola and her sister, Reed and some of his friends and some margaritas. Then we all went out in the boat to watch Reed and his friend ride and was I impressed! He did more spins on his wakeskate then I do on a wakeboard. Sick!

Crazy trees by Katie’s dock

After sunset when we slowly were riding back towards the dock, the moon came up and as promised it was bigger than it has been in like 20 years. So nice!

We spent the rest of the night watching like four movies before we all fell asleep in the couch.

I woke up this morning and went for a bike ride which ended up taking almost two hours. It was sweet though!Then I got back to the camp and tanned for a couple of hours with some coconut oil (inspiration by mattias). I’m going to tuck in early tonight and hopefully ride a lot tomorrow! (:


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