Time to sleep before the finals

Sorry for not blogging more, I’ve been busy with cheering on the rest of the Swedes as they’ve been riding and hanging out on the water with the locals. Unfortunatly Ken got knocked out after his semi-final run (even though he tried a ts 7 which he has never landed before). Jeremia however made it through so we are the ones representing Sweden tomorrow in the finals. I’m a little nervous cause I’ve been thinking a lot about my pass and if I stick it I have a good chance of winning! Even though the french girls and Sian ride so good right now! Either way, it’s going to be awesome to get that adrenaline rush again! (: Wish me Luck! I ride before Perry at 12.30 tomorrow and he rides at 13.30. I’ll let you know how I do! (:


Pic from a fun set behind Camerons Axis 

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