Another day in sunny Florida with perfect conditions. I learned how to ride wrapped on my second set! (yup haven’t done it before) and straight after I landed a wrapped sw ts bs 180 one wake. Super stoked on that really weird trick which was no more than a couple of inches high!  I also hung out in the boat while the campers rode and I’m pretty impressed by these guys. Specially with JJ’s raley crashes! While tanning in the front I accidentally fell asleep so now I’m toasted by the sun. Got a pretty sweet raccoon tan from my sunglasses…

(Old riding shots by Cassie Sichel)
I love that it’s so warm out here that you don’t even have to wear a wetsuit when you ride in the sunset, it’s even better than we ever get during the swedish summer!

Tomorrow is cable day and Trudi’s birthday! Yay day! (:

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