Wake Life Team Rider Cup

Yesterday was the first day of Boardstock here in Penrith (Sydney). It started with the Team Riders Cup and even though I love my Melissa I couldn’t help but riding for my friends with the Double Up team. As one of the 9 women riding for their board brand, pressure was on! Sophie Hogben, Bec Gange, Hayley Smith and Anna were killing it on the rails but no one came close to Angie Schriber who landed TWO 720’s in her pass! I didn’t ride too good again so I’m eager to try and fix that with the 2.0 challenge and the King of Kicker comp today!

When it comes to the team challenge no one really had anything to put up against Liquid Force’s international team. The 3 riders representing were Harley Clifford, Danny Grant and Tom Fooshee and they dominated on the water. It was pretty crazy to see them all out on the cable at the same time and sure enough later on at the DEFY premier they got announced the winners.

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