Whirly wednsday

For some reason we’ve been starting to name our days after tricks in hope of landing them. So far no great success but at least we’ve thrown some good attempts. Yesterday was tootsie tuesday, today whirly wednsday and friday.. hmm Frontflip friday? Frontsida spin fridat? Faceplant friday? Well anyways next sets should be friday and I was stoked on my riding today. Even though my whirly attempt was.. ehm.. a little special, I got my ts 5 back and started working on sw ts spins. The dudes were working on their Tootsies and hs 3’s and we rode until the sun went down. Then we wen’t back to Luke’s place to hang out with “The impossible quiz” (google it) and Maccers. Sweet sesh!

Oh, and this thing with wakeboarders and beer: How do you do it? If I have ONE (una, 1, en) beer, I can’t do anything on the water. But it’s not too bad having one and watch your friends throw it down in you bikini, in the sun after your sets… ♥

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