Banana Bread

Got up early today to make some banana bread for breakfast. This is how I made it (ish, cause I just winged it again, hopefully this will turn out better than my Lussebullar)Oh, and yes, I do liters!:

75g Butter
3 dl milk
2dl chopped up almonds
2 squishy bananas
1 liter flour
2 packs of dry yeast (15g)
2dl sugar (ishh)
3 eggs
some salt

Do this:
Melt the butter and mix with the Milk until its about 37 degrees. In the meantime mix flour, sugar, yeast, bananas, eggs, salt, almonds and sugar in another bowl. Pour the Milk and butter in there and get your workout on by mixing it. Then leave to rise for about an hour (I was in a hurry so I did 40 mins)make one or 2 loafs and bake on 200c for 30 mins. I realize that this might not be too wakeboard related but it’s still a great breakfast! (;


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