Bet Update

With a blasting 40 degrees and the sun burning we still rode a lot yesterday. The Irish boys (Davie, DC and Dan haha sounds like a disney show) are such a good crew to ride with! I love Davies Ipod full of really nerdy music. Anyways, I had a great morning-set where I got my sw heel 3 again and almost got my tootsie. I felt like it was too early to go and die on Whilrybirds so I left that for my second set. For some reason they didn’t work at all and I was way off compared to the other day. I was feeling a bit nervous about the bet but I also felt like I have no strength. It’s so hard not to ride every day here since the conditions are perfect but I’m going to force myself to take today off and come back stronger on friday. Last night I felt like Bambi again with every single muscle in my body aching, a crazy headache from  coaching on the water all day and for some reason my throat is killing me. I went to sleep without having the energy to eat dinner and now I’m starving for breakfast. 100% rest and then friday, I’ll get it! (hopefully 😉 )


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