Stupid Frenchy

So, riding for a betting company and since I won €50 on last weeks soccer game I felt a bit brave and decided to engage in another bet with Lucas “Frenchy” Langlois. The bet followed:

If I landed my whirly bird, Lucas would have to ride the Chill N Ride contest in Germany in my boardshorts (that is my very small and pink ones) and if he landed his Switch toe 7, I would have to ride the comp in only bikini bottoms (and vest of course, no boobflashing here 😉 )

It resulted in me throwing the first couple of whirlys I’ve tried in 2 months and was so close that Frenchy cracked the comment “Carro, I’m thinking about shaving my legs”. Unfortunatly for me it didn’t go all the way and on top of that Frenchy stomped his  sw toe 7! As the gentleman he is, he gave me til the end of this week to land my whirly or I’ll have to ride without boardies! Most people might not think that this is too bad but everyone in the industry knows that the boardshorts is the riders soul so I got to land it now. Stupid me and my bets…

Me and Frenchy back in April when we actually needed wetsuits

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