Hospital Update

So I got a request from, probably, my biggest blog-reader (my brother) to write some about my time here at the hospital. Well it’s not that exciting it all started a couple of days ago with me waking up in the middle of the night with some stomach ache and just went on with my day as usual til the cramps made me go to sleep at like 1. I woke up a little later in some cramps, thinking it was just food poisoning, but we decided to go to the hospital anyways. Once in they kinda put me in a sexy night gown and to bed straight away and then surgery the next morning. I love how you just go in there and then wake up with no idea where or who you are but in zero pain and all fuzzy! Been in recovery the last few days and since my appendix actually broke on me they have to keep me under observation and give me some antiboitics. Anyone who has ever tried to put a needle in my arm knows how much fun it is and how big of a little kid I am when it comes to that kind of stuff.

So yeah, thats the story.. I never realized how many great friends I’ve made down here who really come and visit me and help me out! Ian from Double Up, Briony and your family and of course Mitch, and the rest of the Williams. As well as all the emails from my family back home in Sweden. I love you all more than my morphine button right now!

I’m kicking it pretty hard at the moment, watching movies and looking at changing some flight tickets. The hardest blow for me was hearding the doctor say that I shouldn’t do any “heavy lifting” for at least 4 weeks and then he asked me if my “body boarding” included such. This means that I will miss the World Cup next week-end and it makes me wanna punch a wall just thinking about it. Well I got to believe that everything happens for a reason so maybe this is the universe’s way of saving me.

Now that I’ve got internet at the hospital I might be able to blog some more! (: Thanks for all your sweet comments!

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