Still rocking my O’Neill Stretch’s ;)

So being in this hospital really makes me feel like a kid again. I’ve been watching the Lion King, put my arms over my chest and refused to eat and cried out lout when the nurses needs to put needles in my arms.

I. Hate. Needles.
I dont know why, they just make me really really uncomfortable and all the nurses here know that now. They’ve tried everything from doing it when I’m sleeping to numb cream but everytime they’re putting a needle in me, I’ve ended up crying (yeah, I’m a real chicken and I’m not hiding it) Thats why, today when they had to get some blood from me they sent in the big guns. This nurse was sooo nice and told me that she was going to use a needle called “the butterfly” which they normally use on little kids. I think she was used to treating kids cause she kept saying “aw, how brave are you?” and “you’re such a good girl” and I loved it. For the first time I didn’t cry!

Guess we all have some part of a kid in us and in my case, it definitely shows when I’m sick or in pain. I’m allowed to go ‘home today or home to Mitches parents who are without a doubt some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Mitche’s mom made me home-made brownies which was the first thing I managed to eat without feeling nauseous after my surgery.

I can barely watch it now cause it makes me wanna ride so bad but you haven’t missed the website Wakegirls? Full of cool chicks on the water and it def. stokes me up so bad! Well, that was todays unload of thoughts… xx

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