After staying friday night at Johnno’s friends, playing pool and shooting guns we went up early saturday and drove down to the sight while everyone worked on pronouncing my last name in the car. I ended up being named “Duplay” and we worked a couple of minutes setting up the Deja Vu tent before it staret to pour rain. Since I hadn’t been on the water for a month I didn’t care so as soon as we had a little gap in the weather my friend Mitch took us out on his boat and I had such a fun set! Then the other guys in the boat grabbed some sets too and it started pouring again. One of the guys, trent, had brought a drink out and I still laugh for myself when the picture of him in shorts and sunnies explain that his red bull/jäger now consists of 50% rainwater. I met a whole bunch of Mitches’ cool friends who were all staying on a houseboat and when the rain started pouring again we chilled inside waiting for it to stop and as soon as it did we went out again. After a couple of sets I was pretty beat so be started a game of poker. Now, everyone in my family knows how much I hate losing but this time I was so close to win! haha fun game anyways and time flew by.

Soon it was night-time and we started the drinking games instead. After a while of kings cup people from other houseboats started coming over and after a while we went to the, in lack of a better word “dj-area” where people were throwing it down to sick tunes in their flipflops. I was thinking about going barefoot but Mitch told me to put my shoes on since there might be broken bottles on the ground. Then he didn’t take his own advice so a couple of hours later sure enough he stepped on a broken bottle and started leaking blood like a broken milk carton so we all freaked out a bit. Since myself and one of the American dudes had a couple of coronas ourselves when this happened we felt a bit unnecessary standing looking at everyone else patching him up so we decided to go back to the party where we stayed until the DJ stopped playing around 2 am. Then we moved the party on to another house boat and let’s just say I have plenty more numbers in my phone book now!

Oh, and I don’t have any pictures from the weekend yet but I do have the pics Niclas Magnusson shot when we went to Denmark a while back so to make this post look better I’ll throw them in! (:
(Click on them to view them bigger)

Copyright: Niclas Magnusson

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