What a day! Yesterday I got pick up by Sami from Monster Energy and we drove out to Juväskylä where the second stop of the Wake Tour Finland was being held. We arrived right as the riders briefing was about to end with a bunch of riders already in their wetsuits ready to hit the water. I got changed and managed to squeeze in around 5 laps on the, very high, two tower cable before the women’s competition started. I was surprised on how high the level was with the women and how many of them there were competing! In Sweden a lot of female riders don’t like competing (I think because they put too much pressure on themselves) but in this event everyone was cheering each other on and the atmosphere was perfect! After crashing a lot, and laughing it off with the other chick I managed to put a decent contest run together and ended up taking a first place! Since I’d traveled so far to attend the organizers let me compete in the mens division as well and I was pumped on making it in to finals! Unfortunately my crashing spree continued as I knew I had to go all or nothing to beat the guys 😉 I ended up with a 5th place and big contrats to the winning guys, they all killed it!

Now I’m about to meet up with the local ripper Krisse who’s a professional snowboarder and definitely made it tough for me to keep up with her rail skills!! We’re hitting the cable here in Helsinki before I fly out tonight, back to Sweden!

Thanks Monster Energy for bringing me over here, it’s been such a great experience discovering the wakeboarding scene in Finland! I’m amazed with how many cables have opened here the past few years and I’m looking forwards to watch the wake-community explode here in the future!



Just made it to Helsinki for the Wake Tour Finland stop this weekend!! Yesterday I got picked up by the guys from Monster Energy and taken around the city! Even though Helsinki is only a 45 minute flight from Stockholm it’s so weird not understanding a word here! Finish is impossible to even pronounce and even though Sami, from Monster has tried to teach me how to say “Juväskylä” a million times I now officially give up. 😉

We had an epic day in the city, checking out the two tower cable here, some amazing tourist attractions from WWII and ended with our belly’s full of delicious mexican food. Now after a good nights sleep recovering from the one hour jet-lag I’mr easy to hit the rain and get back behind the boat!! 🙂


Skärmavbild 2015-02-14 kl. 18.27.46

Way too much of this lately! But being really productive and planning the final touches of my season! This is easily my most busy season yet with so many events and project coming up! I’m both excited and a little overwhelmed but hopefully some more of this will get me through it 🙂 Here are my next two months:

25-28 June          – Trip to Finland with Monster Energy
29 June-5 July   – JB comes to Sweden and we’re filming a video project at Breddas Wake Park
6 – 12 July           – Battle of the Backyard
14-19 July           – Wakeboard Clinics with Froggy Vattensport in Linköping
21 -31 July          – Austin, Tx for some boat riding before the Europeans
1-9 August          – Amsterdam for the European Championships
10 -16 August     – Cable riding in Holland
17 – 19 August     – Chill and Ride in Germany
28 -30 August    – Swedish Nationals
2 – 13 September – Orlando and Surf Expo
18 -20 September -Triple Crown, Atlanta
24-28 September -World Cup China
2-4 Oktober          – Houston Pro


Things are about to get crazy but first I have a few more days here at the Breddas park and then a quiet weekend at my family’s summer house to celebrate Midsummer, one of our biggest holidays here in Sweden. I can’t wait!!


G0152869 GOPR2874 GOPR2876 GOPR2879 G0112841 G0102833 G0142863 gbgwavebattle_060615dh_100_96-28Last few pics by David Holmqvist

On friday we all got in our cars to drive down to Gothemburg and another city event! We got there and watched to guys from Swedish Wake Parks finish the setup with kickers from Scandinavian shapers that looked great. I’d never seen an event quite like it with the system 2.0 set up on either side of a canal. After hanging out in the sun for a bit the practice started with riders from Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

I was sitting watching while chatting to one of Swedens best wake board photographers, Peter Wahlfridsson. He had this amazing idea about trying to shoot later at night when the city lights had started light up. Since Sweden is so unique during the summer with the sun setting so late, I was immediately game for this idea and went to grab some food and wait until the light was perfect. Around 10.30 pm the city lights came on and we started shooting. By then the sun had set but the sky was still fairly light so I could almost see where I was going. Hopefully we got some cool shots.

During the actual event I was the only female rider and so I had to ride against the guys. I bet it made them nervous 😉 I was super excited about my riding but unfortunately the guys rode even better so I missed out on the semi’s by a few points. It was insane watching the Hoppe Brothers Mattias and Jeremia ride the head to head finals and after Mattias took a gnarly crash and had to end his run with a broken rib, Jeremia took the win!

Thanks Nicolai and Martin for another sick event, I love being at home!! 🙂


IMG_3863 IMG_3873 IMG_3891 IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3856Thanks Emil Larsson from Froggy for these pics. I’m still buzzing from this weekend as I’ve now driven down to Uddevalla to ride at the Breddas Park the rest of the week. The Swedish summer is still throwing us 10 degrees and rain but I’m hoping that it will change soon. In the meanwhile we all have a million projects in the making so we’re taking turns brewing coffee for each other and all in office mode with our computers.  🙂



DCIM100GOPROG0041193.G0022493 G0042538 G0072769 G0092820 G0012466


What a weekend! 10 degrees, pouring rain and the sickest setup I’ve ever seen in Sweden! We all woke up on Saturday a little disappointed while looking out the window and all we could see were grey skies. Lucky for us, the water at the site was heated due to that it’s normal a city pool for kids! After a couple of coffees and some warmup laps we started the first ever Sweden Action Games!!  Watching the other two previous world champions throw down with so much style of the massive kicker and handrail I set out with my mind on just having fun and playing. The event was run as a jam sesh so it was actually truly fun (I’m not just saying that to sound like a beauty pageant) and we we’re all cheering each other on pushing ourselves to go bigger.

The boys had decided to change the transfer setup and make the gap even wider so us ladies to the consecutive decision of not hitting it in the contest as we all value our lives a bit too much.

In the end I was stoked to take home the win and then to sit back and watch the guys ride. Some things that I didn’t think was possible on a wakeboard was thrown down and I can’t wait for you to see the recap of the event! Its so inspiring to see the direction wakeboarding is heading. Big congrats to Jeremia Hoppe for winning and Graeme for taking a close second! The night was lost in an amazing dinner arranged by the organizers and a night on the town.