40 Degrees

Sorry for not blogging for a while, it’s been so hot over here and my head has just been too smushie to be inside and on the computer. We’ve been riding a lot, especially now since another european champion, David O’Caoimh, is now training here for the next week. Everyone’s been riding really well and we’ve had a sick time in the boats (except for that Davies luck with breaking boats seem to have followed him here but they’re okay now). The heat has also broke our water tank so for now, we are all hippies taking communal lake showers together and brushing our teeth on bottle water. It’s pretty amusing having all of us standing on the back of the boats after riding, soaping up before jumping in.

Well now I’m about to go ride again, last week here before heading to wake stock so I wanna make the most of it and I forced myself not to ride yesterday to recover. Can’t wait to hit the glassy water!


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