A day in the life…

9.00 Morning set behind the boat with Theo. I accidentally used up all the gas so we broke down… Oops

10.19 Breakfast and e-mails

11.30 Went to OWC with AJ, Terry, Cody and Justin. Super stoked when I met team Sweden there and had the best cable set I’ve had since I flew over here! 2 new grabbed spins

13.14 Jumped in the car to drop Cody off at the airport, bye Cody.. ):

14.15 Got home to meet up with Trudi and raided the fridge to find something to eat.

14.36 POWERNAP (still wearing a wet bikini, not to be recommended)

15.20 Woke up, packed the car and went to Starbucks

16.00 Back at Odub and super energetic from sugar

16.o1 Super tired and fell on Back lip on the box…

17.00 Kicking it with the Swedish crew and watching them ride

18.00 Went to the mall to just chill

18.46 Filled up a gas can for the next morning

18.50 Got lost with no GPS in the car and got stuck in every red light on OBT

19.15 Panic braked the car so that the gas can fell over, everything now smells like gas

19.21 Trudi had made me dinner! (:

20.00 Chilled at the house with the dudes and Barrett teaching Trudi how to Rubics cube

23.30 Passed ooout

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